Techniques to improve dental aesthetics

We must know that a smile is the main image of each individual. To achieve a good smile, proper oral hygiene must be maintained, and regular check-ups with the dentist to take care of it and obtain good dental aesthetics.

Dentists provide numerous treatments for the care of teeth, and to maintain good dental aesthetics.

In the beginning, the patient’s mouth should be analyzed in a personalized way and diagnose the aesthetic patterns of each individual.

The most used treatments to achieve good dental aesthetics are:

Porcelain veneers: these are products that are used to restore affected dental pieces, these are adhered to the teeth by means of cement adhesive adhesives or monomer glass.

Aesthetic prosthesis: there are prostheses that what it does is provide an attractive smile with 100% natural teeth. These allow to replace missing dental pieces recovering a desired dental aesthetics.

Dental Whitening: it is a simple and widely used treatment, it consists of using products that, in addition to achieving perfect hygiene, reduce the original color of the teeth by several shades.

Orthodontics: Orthodontics is a fundamental and specific dental technique to achieve a spectacular smile. Nowadays, more and more people come to an orthodontist in order to align their teeth to achieve good dental aesthetics.

These treatments allow to maintain a very good dental aesthetics, in addition to these techniques and treatments should be maintained that good dental aesthetics through excellent oral hygiene.

For this there are several products for the care of the teeth and thus be able to achieve the desired smile with good dental aesthetics. Because of this, there are multiple techniques of teeth whitening and tricks to achieve a whiter smile. To achieve it, it is important to use several products:

Toothbrush: the choice of a good toothbrush and the change of this when necessary is essential to be able to eliminate all remaining food that is between the teeth. A brush that has flexibility and short, soft and elliptical movements is suggested.

Toothpaste: toothpaste or toothpaste must have fluoride that prevents cavities. It is also recommended that it contain calcium and some whitening system to achieve good dental aesthetics.

Mouthwash: mouth rinses usually have antiseptics, this kills viruses and bacteria that can lodge in the mouth, as well as keep a mouth fresh and without bad breath.

Dental floss: dental floss is recommended to be used daily mainly at night since it is more prone to the formation of bacterial plaque in case it is not used. In the case of sensitive gums, its use is not recommended as usual.

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