Teeth whitening does it have side effects?

Teeth whitening is the aesthetic treatment par excellence. It allows a whiter and more radiant smile, but there are many patients who doubt whether they are at risk or not. Does it have side effects on the smile?

The smile has a fundamental role in the personal image. We all want to get that white smile, without stains … Thanks to the teeth whitening we can clarify the tones of the teeth and show a more radiant smile. In one session, we achieved a much more beautiful smile with an advanced and painless technique. So, what side effects can tooth whitening have?

3 side effects of tooth whitening

Although not the most common, in some cases whitening can cause these side effects:

Tooth sensitivity. It consists of the sensation of pain and discomfort when consuming very cold or hot foods. In many cases mild tooth sensitivity is normal after a whitening and disappears after a short time. But if it persists, it is important to go to the dentist you trust. To reduce pain, specific gels indicated by the dentist can be used.

Pain in the gums. Another effect may be gingival retraction, which consists of the loss of tissue from the gums. This alters the smile both functionally and aesthetically, since the patient teaches more gum than normal.

Erosion of the enamel. It is less common, along with dental abrasion.

How to avoid these complications? The key is to perform the whitening under the supervision of a professional. Currently there are many independent products that promise a radiant smile quickly and cheaply. The reality of these treatments is that they erode the enamel and cause all these side effects. Therefore it is essential to go to the consultation.

In the Prop Dental clinics we will adapt the teeth whitening techniques to the needs of your smile. We have different treatments to whiten your smile, both in the consultation and at home. In our clinics we apply the LED light technique, which is minimally invasive for your smile. But we also offer the option to whiten the teeth in combination at home and in the office, using specialized mouth splints.

If you want to get a brighter and more beautiful smile, do not hesitate to visit our clinics. To get the results to last over time, it is very important to promote the daily oral hygiene routine and avoid habits and foods that can stain our smile.

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